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Development status and characteristics of high efficiency mixing granulator for calcium carbonate industry
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Key words:Development status and characteristics of high efficiency mixing granulator for calcium carbonate industry
The general requirements of the granulator for the calcium carbonate industry are high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, simple configuration, convenient control, small floor space, and safe and hygienic operating environment. At present, the high-efficiency mixing granulators used in the inorganic salt industry are: rotary tube dryer, rotary indirect heating dryer, disc continuous dryer, airflow dryer (also divided into pulsed airflow, airflow rotation, positive and negative pressure two) Stage airflow drying), rotary flash dryer, rotary drum dryer, spray dryer (also divided into granulation, powder, centrifugal, pressure), vibrating fluidized bed dryer, static vacuum dryer, hot air circulation oven , 耙 type, paddle type vacuum dryer, boiling dryer (horizontal, vertical) and so on.

These high-efficiency hybrid granulators guarantee the quality of the products, but there are problems with exhaust gas collection. Due to the increasing number of nano-scale products, the original particle size is getting finer and finer, the potential water content of the paste material is increasing, and the enterprise is constantly developing towards large-scale and large-scale, and the company is eager to combine high-efficiency mixing granulators. In particular, some large-tonnage products, such as precipitated calcium carbonate, currently have a production capacity of more than 3 million tons, the smallest production line has an annual output of 10,000 tons, and 100,000 tons has five sets of high-efficiency mixed granulators. A Guangxi enterprise plans to get 50. Ten thousand tons, according to the current level of high-efficiency mixing granulator, regardless of the floor space of the equipment or the amount of exhaust gas collected after the product is dry, the amount of dust is very large.

According to the current pulse bag filter commonly used in the industry, the operating environment is very harsh and must be taken to solve the problem. Therefore, we hope that the equipment development unit will focus on solving two problems, one is the drying problem of the paste-like fine objects with high water content, and the other is the industrial hygiene problem of the exhaust gas after the objects are dry. Still taking the calcium carbonate industry as an example, more than 200 enterprises across the country, in the selection of high-efficiency hybrid granulators, basically adopt rotary indirect heating dryer, disc continuous dryer, rotary tube dryer, etc., although the production efficiency is satisfied. Energy consumption and exhaust gas collection are not ideal. As soon as the calcium carbonate enterprise enters the roof, the roof is covered with a layer of white calcium carbonate powder, even on the desks and chairs of the office. There are management problems, and more importantly, the exhaust gas after drying is not closed. Recently, this industry has introduced dust removal equipment produced by DuPont of the United States, which basically solved the problem.
Therefore, the combined high-efficiency hybrid granulator should include: providing heat source equipment, first- and second-stage high-efficiency mixing granulators, exhaust gas collection “dust” equipment, etc. It is hoped that the equipment manufacturing and research units are high in thermal efficiency, low in energy consumption, and simple in configuration. Make a fuss about the convenience of control, make a fuss about combining high-efficiency hybrid granulators, serve others, and develop yourself. If the drying problem of the calcium carbonate industry is solved, the equipment is efficient and environmentally friendly, and the drying problems of other varieties are solved.
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