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The rice dryer market will also see new trends
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Most of China like to eat rice, and rice also accounts for a large proportion of China's grain cultivation. With the renewal of agricultural machinery and equipment, various aspects of rice planting have been mechanized. Affected by the wet and humid environment, the rice dryer will play an important role in the harvest of rice in the future, and the rice dryer market will also have a new trend.

Rice drying is an important part of the grain harvest. Because in order to reduce the loss of grain loss in the field, we must pay attention to timely harvest, and the grain harvested at the right time has a large moisture content. If it is not dried in time, the grain will be deteriorated. It can be seen that rice drying is a problem that cannot be ignored.

In view of the current situation of China's grain drying equipment, combined with the needs of the vast rural market, the development of domestic grain drying equipment will present the following trends:

(1) The production capacity of rice dryers should be developed to a large scale. In the future, equipment with a capacity of 20-30 tons per hour should be developed.

(2) Designing equipment that reduces high-moisture cereals to safety standards once, requiring a reduction of more than 10%. To this end, there are two ways: First, the joint drying method is adopted, that is, a drying unit of two or more drying methods is synthesized into a new drying process, such as preheating the wet grain with a high-temperature fast fluidization dryer. Then use a tumble dryer to dry at a lower temperature. From the current development of rice drying technology in various countries around the world, this is a trend. The second is to design a high-efficiency rice flash dryer.

(3) Apply advanced measurement and control technology to realize the development of drying process to automation or semi-automation.

(4) It can process large quantities of high-moisture rice quickly at high temperature.

(5) Research on the use of coal as energy, indirect high-efficiency rice dryer is still the main direction, but also should explore new energy rice dryers, such as microwave energy, solar energy.

(6) Rural rice dryers should be developed in a small and multi-functional direction, requiring convenient movement, simple operation, low investment and ensuring the dry quality of rice.
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