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About Us

  Changzhou Tengshuoge Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

  It is a well-known domestic expert in drying equipment. It is located in Sanhekou Industrial Park, Zhenglu Town, the hometown of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River. The company enjoys a good reputation in the image of honesty, innovation and technological innovation, and has become a bright pearl in China's dry and pharmaceutical equipment industry.

  Tengshuo Company is one of the earliest manufacturers specializing in the production of dry (spray drying, flash drying, granulation drying) and pharmaceutical equipment. It specializes in producing all kinds of drying, granulating, dusting, crushing, mixing and other equipment. Divided into more than 20 categories, nearly 100 specifications, especially in planning and design have unique advantages.

  Tengshuo products have become an excellent brand for domestic and foreign users, and the sales network covers more than ten provinces and municipalities in China. With a thorough responsibility for the user, the company implements a strict selection, careful planning, and detailed quotation marketing strategy, and provides users with the most satisfactory services through joint demonstrations with users, repeated trials, and careful accounting.

      Teng Shuoge has both the strengths of the early dry and pharmaceutical equipment industries, as well as the scientific and technological talents who have long been committed to the research of drying equipment at home and abroad. It has timely and unique insights into the development trend of domestic and international drying and pharmaceutical equipment industries.

      Through the pursuit of quality by each employee, the persistence of scientific and technological innovation, and the selfless dedication to the enterprise, Tengshuo Enterprise has maintained a good quality without quality accidents and contract disputes in the fierce market competition. Widely acclaimed.