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Safe use of hot air circulation oven and four points of attention
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Key words:Safe use of hot air circulation oven and four points of attention

The hot air circulation oven is composed of angle steel, stainless steel plate and cold steel plate. The insulation layer is filled with high-density aluminum silicate cotton, and the high-density aluminum silicate cotton ensures the insulation of the drying oven and ensures the safety of the user. The heater can be mounted on the bottom, top or sides. Use a digital smart meter to control the temperature. There are two types of hot air circulation oven ducts: horizontal air supply and vertical air supply!

Product features: The shell is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is electrostatic sprayed, the appearance is novel, durable and durable. The studio is made of high-quality stainless steel or cold-rolled steel, which has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and no black smoke. The movable pull-out grid increases the storage space of the materials in the box. The double-layer tempered glass observation window is installed in the middle of the door, so that the items heated in the working room can be observed at any time. A hot air circulation oven is a device that uses an electric heating wire compartment to heat an object.

It is suitable for baking, drying, heat treatment, etc. in the range of 5~300 °C (some 200 °C higher) than room temperature, and the sensitivity is usually ±1 °C. It has many models, but the basic structure is similar. It is generally composed of a box, an electric heating system and an automatic temperature control system. Its use and precautions are summarized as follows:

1. The hot air circulation oven must be placed indoors in a dry and horizontal position to prevent vibration and corrosion.

2. Pay attention to safe use of electricity, install a power supply knife with sufficient capacity according to the power consumption of the hot air circulation oven. Use enough power leads and have a good grounding wire.

3. With the electric contact mercury thermometer type thermostat, the two wires of the electric contact thermometer should be connected to the two terminals on the top of the box. In addition, an ordinary mercury thermometer is inserted into the exhaust valve. (The thermometer in the exhaust valve is used to check the electrical contact mercury thermometer and observe the actual temperature inside the box.) Open the exhaust valve hole. Adjust the electric contact mercury thermometer to the required temperature and tighten the screws on the steel cap to achieve the purpose of constant temperature. However, care must be taken not to turn the indicator iron out of the scale when adjusting.

4. When all preparations are ready, put the sample into the hot air circulation oven, then connect and turn on the power. The red indicator light indicates that the box is heated. When the temperature reaches the controlled temperature, the red light turns off and the green light is on, and the temperature is started. In order to prevent temperature control failure, you must also look after it.

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